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What can EFEC do for your organisation?



EFEC offers interested organisations and companies, in particular SMEs:

·          develop demand driven project ideas based on extensive international experience;

·          research available public support schemes or other means of financing for specific economic co-operation projects;

·          facilitate if required the construction of eligible consortia;

·          support with or prepare fund applications and bids for tenders;

·          project management from inception stage, via implementation to final reporting and follow up including technical and financial aspects

·          prepare studies related to specific themes and regions within the frame of economic co-operation.



International and governmental organisations can draw on the extensive experience with international co-operation available within EFEC and its network for:


·          consulting for policy and strategy development

·          adequate design and implementation of activities and events

·          promotion of events related to economic co-operation





How does EFEC work?

For SMEs EFEC’s support will be provided either performance based or on cost-basis in co-operation with the EFEC members and partners in Europe and within the target countries.